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User selects element

subscribe("selectedelement", callback)

Use this method to start listening for specific events in your App. In this case, we're listening for when a user selects an element on a page.


 webflow.subscribe( event: 'selectedelement',callback: (element: null | AnyElement) => void): Unsubscribe;


event : "selectedlement"

The name of the event to subscribe to.

callback: (element: null | AnyElement => void )

This is the function that will be called each time the event occurs. It takes an element as a parameter. A null element signifies that no element is selected. Use this function to define what should happen when the event is triggered.



This is a special function you receive after subscribing. When you no longer want to listen to the event, call this function to stop receiving notifications.


// Subscribe to changes in the selected element
const selectedElementCallback = (element: AnyElement | null) => {
  if (element) {
    console.log('Selected Element:', element);
  } else {
    console.log('No element is currently selected.');

const unsubscribeSelectedElement = webflow.subscribe('selectedelement', selectedElementCallback);