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Remove a style property

style.remove(prop, options?)

Remove a single style-property from a Style object.


style.removeProperty(prop: StyleProperty, options?: BreakpointAndPseudo): Promise<void>


  • prop: StyleProperty - The name of the style property to set. See the style properties list for an index of CSS properties and their accepted value types.
  • options : BreakpointAndPseudo {breakpoint: BreakpointId, pseudo: PseudoStateKey?}- An optional parameter to filter properties based on a breakpoint and/or pseudo-class, also known as a pseudo-state.

    • BreakpointId: "xxl" | "xl" | "large" | "main" | "medium" | "small" | "tiny" - An optional identifier of the breakpoint size, also known as media query, in the Designer.
    • PseudoStateKey: "noPseudo" | "nth-child(odd)" | "nth-child(even)" | "first-child" | "last-child" | "hover" | "active" | "pressed" | "visited" | "focus" | "focus-visible" | "focus-within" | "placeholder" | "empty" | "before" | "after" - An optional identifier for the pseudo-classes of an element that can be targeted and styled using CSS.



A Promise that resolves to undefined


removeSingleStyleProperty: async (property: StyleProperty) => {

  // Get Selected Element
  const selectedElement = await webflow.getSelectedElement()

  if (selectedElement?.styles) {

    // Get Element Styles
    const styles = await selectedElement.getStyles()
    const primaryStyle = styles[0]
    await primaryStyle.removeProperty(property)


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