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Get selected element


Retrieve the element that the user has selected in the Webflow Designer.

The returned element object can be further queried using element-level properties (eg. type, styles) and methods (eg. getChildren())


webflow.getSelectedElement(): Promise<null | AnyElement>


Promise<AnyElement | null>

A Promise that resolves to one of the following:

  • null: If an element is not currently selected in the Designer
  • AnyElement: An object that represents the various element types available in a Webflow project. See a full list of supported element types in the Designer Extension type definitions.
// Get Selected Element
const element = await webflow.getSelectedElement();

// Print element info
if (element) {
  console.log(`Selected Element ID: ${element.id}`);
  console.log(`Element type: ${element.type}`);

  // Perform some action with the selected element
} else {
  console.log("No element is currently selected.");

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