Webflow v1 API Deprecation Notice

As part of our ongoing commitment to enhancing your developer experience, we're transitioning from our v1 API to the more advanced v2 API. We hope the below information provides clarity on the deprecation timeline for v1 and the steps you should take to ensure a smooth transition to v2.

Key Changes

  1. API Tokens:

    • Creation of v1 API Tokens will be discontinued. For new integrations or updates, developers should use v2 tokens.
    • Note: API Tokens (used for internal purposes like in-house team automation) are distinct from auth tokens generated via Apps.
  2. Webhooks:

    • Manual creation of v1 Webhooks will no longer be supported. Developers are encouraged to register with v2 Webhooks for continued and enhanced functionality.
  3. App Registrations:

    • v1 Apps are still able to be installed by users. However, the registration of new v1 Apps will be halted. For new applications or updates, use the v2 App registration process.

Important Dates

  • June 1, 2024: Unlisting of Marketplace Apps that are still reliant on v1 (non-scoped) authorization.
  • January 1, 2025: Sunset date for the v1 API. From this date onwards, v1 Authorizations will no longer be operational.

Transitioning to the v2 API ensures that developers have access to the latest features, enhanced security, and improved performance. We understand the challenges that come with such transitions, and we're committed to supporting our developer community every step of the way.

For any queries or support during this transition, please reach out to our support team.