Getting started

Get familiar with Webflow Apps!

Webflow Apps give you the power to extend Webflow’s capabilities to improve the workflows of Visual Designers and their Marketing teams. Develop Apps that elevate the many different processes of web design, development, management, and monitoring via automation and integration with technologies that streamline workflows and amplify results.

Your creations will empower users to effortlessly create, optimize, and maintain their online presence, and can be the catalyst helping us accomplish our mission of bringing development superpowers to everyone!

App Building Blocks

Let's review the different functionality you can include in an App. This will help you better understand the capabilities available via Webflow’s Developer Platform.

Data Clients

Access site data

With Webflow Apps, users gain a direct channel to server-side data specific to a Webflow site, facilitated through Data Clients using our REST APIs. These clients enable access to a range of datasets, from CMS and Ecommerce to general Site data. To retrieve information, Data Clients can query a designated endpoint. For those prioritizing real-time updates, they can receive event notifications via Webhooks. For a comprehensive understanding, consult our API Reference, which outlines every available resource and event within our REST API.

Designer Extensions

Interact with the designer

Webflow Apps can access the Webflow Designer, granting them the power to manipulate elements, styles, classes, and pages on the Canvas. When using Designer Extensions, Apps are embedded within an iframe inside the Designer. Through this integration, they employ our client-side Designer APIs to carry out a variety of actions, offering users a rich and interactive experience within their design and development process.

Try the the Designer APIs on your own site with our API Playground app!

Hybrid Apps

There's no need to pick just one capability! Craft Apps that merge the strengths of both Data Clients and Designer Extensions, delivering a potent and all-encompassing tool for your users. You can even begin with a single App component, and when you're ready, effortlessly expand to incorporate additional functionalities.