Create Product & SKU

Creating a new Product involves creating both a Product and a SKU, since a Product Item has to have, at minimum, a single SKU.

In order to create a Product with multiple SKUs - for example a T-shirt in sizes small, medium and large - you'll need to create sku-properties. In our T-shirt example, a single sku-property would be Color. Within that property, we'll need to list out the various colors a T-shirt could be as an array of enum values: royal-blue, crimson-red, and forrest-green.

Once, you've created a Product and its sku-properties with enum values, you can create your default SKU, which will automatically be a combination of the first sku-properties you've created. In our example, the default SKU will be a Royal Blue T-Shirt, because our first enum of our Color sku-property is Royal Blue. After you've created your product, you can create additional SKUs using the Create SKU endpoint

Upon creation, the default product type will be Advanced. The product type is used to determine which Product and SKU fields are shown to users in the Designer and the Editor. Setting it to Advanced ensures that all Product and SKU fields will be shown.

Required scope | ecommerce:write

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