Webflow API : New Endpoints

As part of our launch on Tuesday, August 29th, we are launching a new version of our API. With this launch, we are adding the following endpoints to the API:


POST /collections/{collection_id}/fields

Create Collection Field

DELETE /collections/{collection_id}/fields/{field_id}

Delete Collection Field

PATCH /collections/{collection_id}/fields/{field_id}

Update Collection Field

POST /sites/{site_id}/collections

Create Collection


GET /sites/{site_id}/pages

List Pages

GET /pages/{page_id}

Get Page Metadata

Custom Code

GET /sites/{site_id}/registered_scripts

Get Registered Scripts

POST /sites/{site_id}/registered_scripts/inline

Register Custom Code (inline)

POST /sites/{site_id}/registered_scripts/hosted

Register Custom Code (externally hosted)

PUT /sites/{site_id}/custom_code

Add Custom Code to Site

PUT /pages/{page_id}/custom_code

Add Custom Code to Page


GET /sites/{site_id}/assets

List Assets

POST /sites/{site_id}/assets

Create Asset Metadata

DELETE /assets/{asset_id}

Delete Asset

GET /sites/{site_id}/asset_folders

List Asset Folders

POST /sites/{site_id}/asset_folders

Create Asset Folder

GET /asset_folders/{asset_folder_id}

Get Asset Folder


GET /sites/{site_id}/forms

List Forms

GET /forms/{form_id}

Get Form Schema

GET /forms/{form_id}/submissions

List Form Submissions

GET /form_submissions/{form_submission_id}

Get Form Submission

PATCH /form_submissions/{form_submission_id}

Modify Form Submission