Optimize data retrieval with server-side CMS item filtering and sorting, manipulate assets and interact with native image elements within the Webflow Designer, and identify page types with new methods.

Data API

CMS Item Filtering and Sorting: Implement server-side filtering and sorting to optimize data retrieval and minimize the number of queries needed. Enable precise filtering and sorting of CMS items by exact name and slug, as well as by lastPublished date ranges, to provide more control over the data returned.

Additional Page Details Get information for a specified page's localeId as well as the publishedPath .

Designer API

Do more with Assets: Introduce methods to retrieve and manipulate assets directly within the Webflow Designer.

Work with Native Image Elements: Enable advanced interactions with native Image elements on the canvas, including methods to retrieve and set assets and alt text.

Additional Page Information: New method to determine a type of page within the Designer.

Data API

What's Updated

CMS Items

List CMS items

List live CMS items

Page Details

Get metadata information for a single page.

Designer API

What's New


Retrieve an asset from an Image element.

Add an asset to an Image element.

Retrieve the Alt Text for an Image element on the canvas.


Retrieve all assets on a site.

Retrieve name of specified asset.

Retrieve the MIME Type of a specified asset.

Retrieve the Alt Text for a specific Asset.

Set the Alt Text for a specific Asset.


Get Webflow page type. Possible values are: static, ecommerce, cms, userSystems, utility, staticTemplate