Limits & Retries

Webhooks are essential in ensuring smooth inter-service communication. However, they don't always proceed flawlessly. When working with Webflow, it's crucial to know how it handles webhook failures and how you can adjust your processes accordingly.

Webhook Retries

If a webhook fails on its initial attempt, Webflow takes measures to try and resend it:

  1. No Redirects: Webflow does not follow redirects for webhook URLs. If your webhook URL responds with a 301 (Moved Permanently) or 302 (Found) status, the request will be treated as a failure, and Webflow won't be redirected to the new URL.

  2. Retry Mechanism: Webflow will make three additional attempts to resend the webhook if the initial attempt fails.

Limitations on Webhooks

Understanding the limits imposed by Webflow can help you design and manage your webhooks more efficiently:

Maximum webhooks for a specific trigger_type75
Maximum number of retry attempts after an unsuccessful webhook call3
Interval (in minutes) between each retry10

Consider monitoring your webhooks and analyzing the failures. This helps in ensuring that your system is always in sync and offers a consistent experience to your users.