New CMS APIs and Updated Webhooks

Added Unpublish APIs, webhooks and improved site_publish webhook.

Item Unpublish API

There is a new feature in Webflow to unpublish individual items and the APIs to go with it are launched as well! You can now use the Unpublish API in code to manage content state.

Note: If you're using the Webflow Node.js SDK, then it requires an update to 0.7.2.

Item Unpublish Webhook

The collection_item_unpublished webhook has been added so you can be notified when an unpublish is triggered.

Site Publish Webhook

The site_publish webhook now includes domains and publishedBy, so you don't have to wonder anymore who and what was published.

Update Product Docs Corrected

There was an extra route in the Update Product docs that sneaked in long ago, but we caught it and it's fixed now. Please let us know if you see others!